Tampon Box TDStamp



Tampon Box is used for taking fingerprints to support work related to document authentication. Bright ink color, clear printing helps copy original fingerprints, high authenticity, dries quickly, no smudging. Ink may wash off after finger rolling.


- Dimensions: 45 x 65 mm, 60 x 95 mm, 80 x 120 mm, 110 x 170 mm

- Ink color: Red, blue, black - ink color options


Function: Stamped Tampon Box TDStamp are widely used in company offices and agencies. Seal ink-filled Tampons are used for stamping documents and documents to help save time, money, and demonstrate professionalism. Soft foam surface for even ink, bright quality ink color, clear printing, quick drying, long lasting, no smudging. There are types that are not available depending on the purpose and needs of use. The box has a lid and is compact and convenient for storing and carrying around.


TDStamp's predecessor was a stamp engraving facility operating in the early 90s. With prestige and extensive experience, TDStamp transformed itself into the field of stamp production in 2003. After nearly 30 years of efforts and development, TDStamp has affirmed its leading position in manufacturing, distribution and retail industry in Vietnam.


Contact hotline +84932922557 or email info@tdstamp.com.vn for retailer registration or the special requirement.

 Tampon Box TDStamp

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